Last Updated FEBRUARY 2023

How to Solve Your Biggest Restroom Problems

Restrooms can make or break your building’s impression overall. Having clean, well-stocked restrooms is essential to the satisfaction of your tenants and guests. Find out what might be preventing you from maintaining restroom cleanliness and what solutions Kimberly-Clark Professional can provide.

At a time when working from home is no longer the exception to the rule, it’s important to keep the tenants of your corporate office buildings as happy as possible. Foul odors, waste and untidy surfaces are common issues that can negatively impact their perception of your restrooms. We’ve explored the top issues and provided solutions that can elevate the washroom experience.

Problem: A Smelly Restroom

By nature, restrooms aren’t always the freshest smelling space in an office building. However, once you address some of the underlying causes of odor, you’ll be well on your way to fresher, cleaner washrooms. Some of these causes include foul smells from toilets, overflowing sanitary bins in cubicles, fresheners that mask odors instead of eliminating them and poor air circulation.

Solution: Vigilance and Increased Air Care

  • Maintain a consistent maintenance schedule to alert staff to make regular checks
  • Open any windows to let in fresh air or add plants to help purify the air and generate oxygen
  • Take advantage of automatically flushing toilets if possible
  • Consider installing an air care system

Problem: Too Much Waste

You’re probably picturing a mountain of hand towels right about now. It’s true – they can certainly pile up. However, there are other areas of the restroom where excess use can become a concern. Hand soap can splash on surfaces and toilet tissue can accumulate on the floor.

Solution: Dispensers with controlled dispensing

  • Excessive hand towel, soap and toilet paper usage can create unsightly messes and contribute to over-consumption of consumables
  • Create a cleaning checklist so tenants can see what’s been cleaned and how often
  • Install a soap dispenser system that delivers a measured amount of cleanser
  • Switch to hand towel systems designed to deliver one sheet at a time

In addition to helping your restroom stay tidy longer, these dispensers could help you keep your cost of consumables down as well.

Overall, an unkempt restroom can be perceived as unclean by your tenants, so developing a system that allows you to stay a step ahead of issues is an important step to minimizing complaints. Keeping surfaces tidy and clean, and making sure dispensers are fully stocked is a good place to start. For more information on our latest hygiene innovations and cost-saving solutions, contact us.