Commercial Dispensers


Less Waste

Improve restroom efficiency with dispensers that prevent product wastage, helping to reduce costs and maintain optimal hygiene standards.

Less Downtime

Ease the burden of maintenance with high-capacity refills and extended battery life, ensuring uninterrupted facility operations.

Better Experience

Enhance your restrooms with stylish, user-friendly dispensing solutions, including a customizable faceplate option, for a superior experience.

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ICON Dispensers

Elevate your space with reliable performance and a customizable faceplate option, delivering both sophistication and a hygienic experience.

Scott® Pro Dispensers

Enhance the restroom experience with innovative systems that combine efficiency and polished aesthetics to improve user satisfaction.

Scott® Essential Dispensers

Streamline operations with reliable performance and ease of use, perfect for locations prioritizing quality, value and consistent functionality.

Universal Dispensers

Experience versatility with compatibility across leading brands, offering a wide range of manual and automatic dispenser refill options.

Explore Dispensers by Type

Paper Towel Dispensers

Discover hands-free convenience with our automatic paper towel dispensers, crafted to reduce waste with metered dispensing, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient solution.

Roll Towels Folded Towels Center-Pull

Paper Towel Dispensers

Toilet Paper and Seat Covers

Choose convenience with our range of toilet paper dispensers, offering standard roll options and high-capacity solutions, for a seamless restroom experience.

Standard Roll Jumbo Roll Folded Paper Seat Covers

Toilet Paper

Soap and Sanitizer

Promote proper hand hygiene and convenient sanitization with our full range of professional skin care dispenser options, fostering a safer and healthier environment.

Electronic Cassette Manual Cassette Counter Mount Floor Stands

Soap and Sanitizer

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With over 150 years of experience, we provide reliable hygiene solutions tailored to evolving needs to help businesses maintain optimal standards.


Ensure comprehensive coverage with our range of restroom solutions, delivering consistent quality and innovation across all our brands.


Committed to reducing our footprint, we strive to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to develop products that help benefit people and the planet.


Leveraging insights from customers and users, we are continuously driven to provide cutting-edge solutions that progress hygiene technology.


Rely on our dedicated support to navigate procurement complexities and find tailored hygiene solutions that meet the goals and needs of your facility.

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