Filtration Media

Increased demand for better indoor air quality and cleaner water, makes filtration one of the most critical segments in the nonwovens industry.  Kimberly-Clark Professional Filtration offers a broad range of highly efficient air and liquid filter media solutions designed to meet the needs of various markets.
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Air Filtration

Our line of high efficiency, electret-charged, bicomponent spunbound air media offers filtration efficiencies from MERV 7 to MERV 15 for pleat, pocket, and mini-pleat filters. We also provide critical solutions for Car Cabin and Air Purifier applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains up to 6 percent recycled polymer 
  • No Chemical Binders 
  • Thermally Bonded 
  • Contains Inert Polymers 
  • Non-shedding Continuous Filaments 
  • Hydrophobic: Prevents Microbial Growth 
  • Can Withstand Long-term Storage or High Temps/Humidity 
  • High Dust Capacity (D-Series) 
  • Odor Removal Technology

Liquid Filtration

Using processes proprietary to Kimberly-Clark Professional, we manufacture COFORM® and POWERLOFT® liquid filtration media. Both help to reduce operating costs by providing cleaner fluid streams across multiple segments, including food and beverage manufacturing, water treatment, chemical processing, and metalworking. 

COFORM® Liquid Filter Media is made by combining de-bonded kraft cellulose fibers with microfiber polypropylene meltblown fiber in a chemical-free binder system. This process creates a highly efficient structure with significant particulate capacity.  

POWERLOFT® Liquid Filter Media is a thermally-bonded bi-component, polyolefin spunbound that is chemically compatible with most liquid applications and doesn’t contain binders that can interfere with fluid chemistry.  

Unique gradient density structure provides improved filtration efficiency in trapping solids, which leads to longer filter life, few roll changes, and less downtime. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • No Surfactants 
  • No Chemical Binders 
  • No Silicone

Changes to the Naming Convention for Filtration Media

The updated naming convention for our filtration media products simplifies the purchasing process, enabling quick identification of product function, MERV level and performance. We remain committed to empowering our customers to effortlessly make informed decisions while upholding our same high-quality standards.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Terri Self or Dean Bonessi, Business Development Managers, Kimberly-Clark Professional at [email protected] and [email protected].