Washroom & Hygiene

Your washroom and overall hygiene plays an important role in employee, guest, and tenant satisfaction. The Kleenex® and Scott® professional series of washroom products are designed to help you prevent the spread of germs and provide the clean, fresh experience washroom users expect.


Paper Towels

When designing our towel systems, we looked at what matters most to washroom users and the people that manage your facilities. Hygiene, efficiency and sustainability topped their list, and ours.



Facial Tissue

Not all commercial facial tissues are created equal. Enhance your image with one of the most respected washroom brands, Kleenex® facial tissue.


Toilet Paper & Seat Hygiene

Toilet Paper & Seat Hygiene

Toilet paper run-outs are one of the biggest complaints for washroom users. Our high-capacity toilet paper can help you provide a more positive washroom experience.