Last Updated MAY 2022

Why Paper Towels Are Better for Hand Drying

Paper towels are the most hygienic option for hand drying. Check out why single-use towels offer the most effective and most hygienic hand washing solution compared to jet air dryers.

Towels Are Hygienic

  • Paper towels are critical to proper hand hygiene, as they can remove up to 77% of the bacteria that remains on hands after washing.
  • The inner surfaces of a jet air dryer can harbor 48 times more bacteria than found on a toilet seat.
  • Jet air dryers blow water droplets containing bacteria from the hands as far as 6.5 feet and linger in the air for up to 15 minutes.
  • Jet air dryers can increase bacteria by 42% on users’ fingers during the drying process.

Towels Are Preferred

  • The World Health Organization recommends single-use paper towels in its patient safety instructions for health care workers.1
  • 90% of people show a preference for paper towels over jet air dryers in the washroom.


Download Benefits of Paper Towels Infographic (PDF)


1 WHO “Hand Hygiene Guidelines for Health Care Workers”