Four steps to transitioning old to new apparel and products seamlessly

As most production managers know, change isn’t easy. The process of testing, validating and incorporating a new method within a critical and controlled environment is time consuming and disruptive to the operator. That’s why Kimtech* introduced the APEX program, a complimentary service that helps managers and their teams embrace change.
Since its inception in 2011, the APEX program has been driving acceptance through engagement. By working alongside customers, Kimtech* has built long-standing relationships that are personalized, as well as profit-generating for companies. It has been found that when people are more engaged in the transition process, their organizations have higher operating profits–at times nearly doubling industry standards.

The APEX Program is a testament to the core value for Kimtech* product line which puts the customer first. The APEX program is making the transition from old to new seamless by assisting companies in all the necessary steps for conversion.

Making Change Work for You

Companies that choose to adopt the APEX Program go through a period of engagement, which includes apparel qualification and implementation, ensuring all employees are trained and properly fitted to do their best work. 

Here are four steps to ensuring a seamless transition:

Step 1: Introduce

As a first step, Kimtech* team members arrive at the facility and introduce themselves. This introduction provides a summary of the company’s values, as well as the reason why they’ve been chosen as the facility’s glove, gown and apparel supplier. 

  •  The APEX Program is the only program of its kind that is completely complimentary.
  •  Kimberly-Clark believes so strongly in supporting the transition that they turn down business where the customer is reluctant to commit the time with their workers.

Step 2: Explain

The key features of the newly adopted Kimtech* product are tested with the workers in order to maximize their effectiveness. With properly fitted gloves, gowns and apparel, operators can do their best work without worrying about comfort or risk.

  •  The APEX Program was originally for clean room apparel and has now been extended to include gloves and face masks.
  •  The APEX Programs works in conjunction with The RightCycle Program to recycle and divert used product from the landfill.

Step 3. Engage

Next, Kimtech* helps facility employees try on the product as they learn how to best utilize its features. Kimtech* offers a complete head-to-toe solution, making sure every product fits properly across three key criteria: size, cleanliness and functional requirements.

  •  The APEX Program focuses on personalizing the product so workers can maximize its features.
  •  Many times the APEX engagements leads to another continuous improvement idea.

Step 4: Optimize

After the products have been successfully adopted at the new facility, a Kimberly-Clark representative will periodically check back after the products have been successfully transitioned to follow up with additional training or troubleshooting.

The APEX program works in conjunction with The RightCycle Program, so facility managers can rest assured knowing that they have an informed work force that’s targeting their facility’s zero-waste-to-landfill goals.

  •  The APEX program experience leads to a stronger partnership with the customer.
  •  Distributors participate in the onboarding process for a well-coordinated transition event.

For more information, contact Kimberly-Clark at [email protected].

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