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KCP Advantage

Whether your restroom is in a high traffic, small space or criticalTools, calculators and marketing resources for Kimberly-Clark Professional distributor sales representatives (DSRs). environment

Distributor Portal

Provides authorized distributors 24/7 access to order status, pricing, rebates, and more.

Onvation Dashboard

View and manage your Smart Restroom Management System account.


How much could you save with more reliable support?

Before we can find new ways to save you money, you’ll need to know how much you actually spend. Use this calculator to identify your areas for improvement and estimate their total financial impact per year.

Hours rounded to the nearest hour.
*Assumes an 8 hour work day and 250 working days per year.

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Make easy work of any mess, from wiping up spills to disinfecting.

  • Durable wipes designed with specific tasks in mind
  • A more hygienic alternative to rags and shop towels
  • Available in three distinct categories: GENERALCLEAN™, POWERCLEAN™, and CRITICALCLEAN™

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Boost efficiency with reliable personal protective equipment.

  • Experience enhanced protection plus less rips and tears
  • Designed for movement, productivity, and comfort
  • Options include protective coveralls, gloves, respirators and safety eyewear

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