You only get one chance to make a strong first impression—especially when it comes to the restroom. Foul odors, unkempt floors and puddled-up sinks are all but enough to make most tenants feel unappreciated. In fact, 60 percent of respondents in a 2016 Kimberly-Clark Professional* survey thought an unhygienic restroom reflected management’s little concern on the well-being of the tenants. 

To ensure every impression is a good one, Kimberly-Clark Professional* launched C.H.E.S.S.*, an innovative program that helps facility managers better understand and manage tenant satisfaction by providing them with the tools to make measurable improvements to their restrooms. By taking a comprehensive look at cleanliness, hygiene, efficiency, sustainability and satisfaction (C.H.E.S.S.*), tenants can go beyond covering up a problem, and solve it at the source. But knowing the solution is only half of the equation. To fully understand a tenant’s dissatisfaction, facility managers need to first look at the issues:

Unpleasant Odor 

Unpleasant restroom odors are one of the most common occurrences for office employees and can have a significant impact on an employee’s perception of cleanliness. One of the biggest perpetrators of unpleasant odors are messy urinals and toilets. Though management cannot control this, there are proactive measures to not only remediate the smell but also give restroom goers a chance to voice their complaints. 

Installing air-care systems like the Scott® Continuous Air Freshener Dispenser makes it easy to eliminate a smell—not mask it—by repeatedly refreshing the air quality throughout the day. Additionally, hanging a dry-erase whiteboard inside the restroom can encourage tenants to leave their complaints or compliments in an honest way, even anonymously. Taking these first steps will help facility managers monitor restroom usage trends in a way that lets them build schedules around restroom frequency. 


Too Much Waste

In the U.S., office workers have a strong preference for paper towels, with 83 percent preferring dispensed hand towels in office restrooms. This means building managers must constantly be refreshing restroom amenities. Luckily, facility managers can be better informed about product consumption by leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) where they would least expect it—in the restroom. 

Smart restroom solutions such as the ONVATION* System by Kimberly-Clark Professional* works alongside management teams by alerting facility managers when consumables need to be replaced. This offers real-time value by allowing building managers to identify problems before they become a complaint. The ONVATION* System can cut costs and expenses by reducing waste while effectively boosting sustainability. Furthermore, it optimizes labor by allowing management to make informed decisions about budgeting, planning and scheduling. The ONVATION* System works in tandem with proactive systems like the Kimberly-Clark Professional MOD* Stainless Steel Recessed Wall Unit to improve building management’s visibility of consumption trends and keep them one step ahead of the waste.


Eye-Catching (In All the Wrong Ways)  

Littered floors can be an eyesore, but they’re not the lone offender that can repel tenants. Smudged and streaky mirrors are unsightly and can obscure a tenant’s view of himself as he attempts to put on his best face. Pair that with a stack of napkins sitting in a puddle of sink water or some dripping hand soap, and you have the recipe for a dissatisfied tenant. To truly satisfy restroom goers, facility managers need to offer up a whole new set of standards and bring comfort to the one place users would least expect it. 

A recent study found that women prefer amenities like facial tissue and hand lotion for rejuvenation, as well as a full-length mirror to readjust for the day. Placing a box of Kleenex®-brand facial tissues by the sink or mirror not only offers functional benefits but, given their variety, can add some interior flair to the restroom. Additionally, the Kleenex Reveal™ Countertop System offers the perfect balance between aesthetics and efficiency, keeping towels fresh and easily accessible. 


Supplies Running Low

Facility managers note that one of their main issues is with supplies. This includes keeping restrooms stocked, the overuse of products, and dispensing problems that result in excessive use. Those issues become even more tenacious, however, when tenants are involved. Imagine standing at a sink with wet hands as you look at a pile of paper towels on the floor. You’re bound to be upset. Now imagine if you were standing there with wet hands, staring at an empty dispenser with a pile of paper towels on the floor. At that point, facility managers are sure to your respect. 

Luckily, the ONVATION* System uses embedded sensors to let management know when it is time to change supplies. Leveraging the insights that come from those sensors can also help managers know what times of day a restroom should be serviced, making scheduling seamless. 

When it comes to properly managing a facility, it’s the little things that count. Facility managers know that keeping the restroom facilities fresh is just one way of showing their tenants they care. Through smart restroom solutions, facility managers can retain happy tenants by making that first good impression a lasting one.  


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