For commercial property managers, restroom performance comes down to five key areas: cleanliness, hygiene, efficiency, sustainability and tenant satisfaction. That’s why Kimberly-Clark Professional* launched C.H.E.S.S.*­—a consultative program that benchmarks and assesses restrooms across those criteria, as well as offers solutions for improvement.

According to research, restroom perceptions and their overall cleanliness are major drivers of tenant satisfaction. How well do you know how to maintain washrooms that meet tenant expectations? Click and “flip” each image to find out!

Problem: Stinky Bathroom 

  •  Stinky odors in restrooms
  •  Stuffed trash cans in stalls
  •  Urine buildup near urinals and toilets
  •  Ineffective fresheners that mask odors, not treat them

Solution: Vigilance & Air Care

  • Install air care systems like the Scott® Continuous Air Freshener Dispenser
  • Install a dry-erase whiteboard inside bathroom & encourage tenants to leave their complaints or compliments
  • Create a schedule so that staff keeps up with maintenance concerns 

Problem: Too Much Waste

  • Accumulated consumables and hygiene products—like paper hand towels and soap—that make the restroom look messy & unattended

Solution: Installing “Smart” Tech to Monitor Restroom 

  • Install a smart restroom solution like Onvation* that utilizes sensing technology to monitor usage
  • Install the Slimline Touchless Counter Mount Skin Care System that delivers measured amounts of soap

Problem: Restrooms That Are Unsightly for Sore Eyes

  •  Smudges on mirrors
  •  Dirty floors
  •  Haphazard placement of consumables
  •  Basic amenities that disappoint tenants & don’t empower them

Solution: “Surprise and Delight” the Tenant

  •  Place Kleenex® tissues on the sink by the mirror
  •  Install a full-length mirror in bathroom to help tenants ensure they look their very best

Problem: Not Knowing When Your Restroom Needs More Supplies 

Insufficient knowledge about when restroom:

  •  Needs more consumables & maintenance
  •  Is generally unsatisfactory to tenants

Solution: Smart Technology, White Boards, and Cleaning Schedules

  • Utilize smart sensing technology to resolve issues before they become complaints
  • Keep tabs on when more consumables are needed

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