As a global branded products marketer and nonwovens leader, Kimberly-Clark manufactures high-quality nonwoven substrates ideal for use in many wiping applications.


Our unique meltblown process is capable of producing very fine fibers, creating a low-linting nonwoven with high absorbency and metered fluid release.

Kimberly-Clark manufactures both fine fiber and dual-texture meltblown substrates. The uniformity of our basis weight contributes to superior performance properties such as metered fluid release and high absorbent capacity. For fine fiber meltblown, we offer a variety of bond patterns which bring both strength and aesthetics to the nonwoven allowing you to differentiate your brand in the marketplace. For dual-texture meltblown, we offer a variety of colors including red, orange, magenta, yellow and grey.

Fine Fiber Meltblown

Key Properties:

  1. -Metered Fluid Release
  2. -Low-Lint
  3. -High Absorbent Capacity
  4. -Naturally Oleophilic
  5. -No Chemical Binders

Common Applications:

  1. -Automotive Car Care
  2. -Hard Surface Cleaning & Polishing
  3. -Hard Surface Sanitizing & Disinfecting
  4. -Hand Cleaning

Dual Texture Meltblown

Key Properties:

  1. -Dual-sided performance: scrubby & smooth
  2. -Low-lint
  3. -Metered fluid release
  4. -Naturally oleophilic
  5. -No chemical binders

Common Applications:

  1. -Hard surface cleaning
  2. -Hand cleaning & sanitizing (scrubby)


Kimberly-Clark Hydroknit* Material is extremely strong, highly absorbent and soft to the touch making it ideal for household cleaning. The material is manufactured without chemicals or adhesives by bonding soft pulp fibers into a strong polypropylene base.

Key Properties:

  1. -Wet strength/ durability
  2. -Tear resistance
  3. -Cloth-like appearance
  4. -Low-lint
  5. -Absorption

Common Applications:

  1. -Surface cleaning
  2. -Disinfecting
  3. -Sanitizing
  4. -Furniture cleaning
  5. -Polishing
  6. -Glass & lens wiping

Ultrasoft Spunbond

Ultrasoft Spunbond offers superior softness without sacrificing strength, making it ideal for anywhere it touches skin especially in personal care applications.

Ultrasoft Spunbond is comprised of long, continuous fibers that are thermally fused together with a patterned bonding system to produce a finished product with maximized strength, surface stability and softness.

Key Properties:

  1. -Softness
  2. -Cloth-like appearance
  3. -Abrasion-resistant
  4. -Low-lint
  5. -Durability

Common Applications:

  1. -Personal care wipes
  2. -Insect wipes
  3. -Specialty wipes

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