In medical applications, Kimberly-Clark Professional’s nonwovens offer maximum levels of safety, comfort and protection for an array of products.

Breathable Films

Our breathable film laminates (aSFL) are cloth-like, conformable fabrics produced by thermally bonding a nonwoven layer to a microporous film. The film provides a barrier that stops water yet aids the evaporation of trapped condensation, offering optimal levels of comfort and protection.

Our Breathable Films give your medical and personal care products:

  1. -Cloth-like aesthetics to meet user demands
  2. -Breathable, impervious barrier to fine particulates and water for worry-free performance
  3. -Lightweight conformability for a range of applications
  4. -Abrasion resistance for durability

Use our Breathable Films for applications including:

  1. -Barrier fabric (e.g., diapers, incontinence)
  2. -Protective covers
  3. -Separation or containment curtains
  4. -Packaging

Elastic Laminates

Kimberly-Clark has patented several unique processes that provide varying degrees of stretch, elongation and retraction. Our patented elastic materials are chosen for superior softness, conformability and breathability.

Our Elastic Laminates give your medical and personal care products:

  1. -Extendability for better fit
  2. -Breathability and comfort for long-term use and wear
  3. -Compression properties for support

Use our Elastic Laminates for applications including:

  1. -Diapers
  2. -Incontinence products
  3. -Toddler training pants


SMS nonwoven laminates combine the strength and durability of spunbond with the barrier properties of meltblown microfibers. This nonwoven sheet offers cloth-like aesthetics, excellent water resistance and breathability, as well as abrasion resistance.

Our SMS fabric gives your medical and personal care products:

  1. -Liquid & particulate barrier for flexibility in-use
  2. -Blood barrier for contamination control
  3. -Alcohol repellancy and static resistance for safety
  4. -Breathability for long-term comfort
  5. -Cloth-like drapability for a better fit and feel
  6. -Abrasion resistance for low-linting performance
  7. -Wet strength for water resistance

Use our SMS fabric for applications including:

  1. -Protective apparel
  2. -Surgical & medical gowns
  3. -Car covers
  4. -Diaper outer covers & contamination flaps


Coform is a patented Kimberly-Clark process that combines polypropylene and pulp resulting in a thick, pillow-like consistency. It is also gentle to skin making it perfect for personal care and medical applications.

Our Coform material gives your medical and personal care products:

  1. -Thickness for a pillow-like consistency
  2. -Cloth-like feel for good drapability
  3. -Excellent absorbency and strength when wet

Use our Coform material for applications including:

  1. -Personal care products (nursing pads)
  2. -Floor mops & cleaning pads
  3. -Absorbent pads

Water Absorbtion

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