Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Filtration Media offers superior filtration efficiency for improved indoor air quality, as well as a low pressure drop for energy savings.

Air Filtration
Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Filtration offers a broad range of filter media to service a variety of HVAC applications including pleat, pocket and minipleat filters for the Commercial & Industrial and Residential segments. Our air media range also provides key solutions for Car Cabin and Air Purifier applications. 
Our line of high-efficiency, electret-charged, bicomponent spunbond filter media can improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and reduce HVAC operating costs in commercial, institutional, industrial and residential settings. Filtration efficiencies from MERV 7 to MERV 15 are available for pleat, pocket, and minipleat filters.

Other solutions with added technology available to deliver clean, fresh air:
• Gas Phase (Carbon Media), Odor control filtration media that delivers excellent particulate filtration performance with added odor removal technology.
• Highest dust-capacity media for rigid cell and pocket filters with our line D-series.
Features: • Contains up to 6% recycled polymer • No chemical binders • Thermally bonded • Contains inert polymers (polypropylene/polyethylene) • Non-shedding continuous filaments • Hydrophobic: will not support microbial growth • Maintains efficiency after long-term storage and high temperatures/humidity.

Liquid Filtration

Our liquid filtration media helps reduce operating costs by providing cleaner fluid streams in food and beverage manufacturing, water treatment, chemical processing and metalworking. All are made using proprietary Kimberly-Clark manufacturing processes.


COFORM® Liquid Filter Media is made by combining debonded kraft cellulose fibers with microfiber polypropylene meltblown fiber in a chemical-free binder system. This unique and highly efficient structure has significant particulate capacity.


POWERLOFT® Liquid Filter Media is a bi-component, polyolefin spunbond that is thermally bonded for strength, chemically compatible with most liquid applications, and does not contain binders than can interfere with fluid chemistry. This unique media has an engineered gradient density structure that provides improved filtration efficiency in trapping solids from a liquid stream – for longer filter life, fewer roll changes and less downtime.

Features: • No surfactants • No chemical binders • No silicone



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