Environmental Services Professionals are vital members of the healthcare team


To achieve exceptional patient outcomes, every healthcare facility needs its entire team to work together to reduce the incidence of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) that are responsible for almost 100,000 deaths in the U.S. every year. Since most HAIs can be prevented by following best practices for hand hygiene and surface disinfection, Environmental Services (EVS) teams play a crucial role as front line defense in the fight against the spread of infection. Even though they are integral to helping keep patients safe, the role of EVS workers is often overlooked and under appreciated.


That’s why Kimberly-Clark Professional* and the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) joined forces to develop the Heart of Healthcare– a program designed to recognize and elevate the critical contributions EVS professionals make every day in enhancing patient safety and improving patient satisfaction scores.


AHE and Kimberly-Clark Professional* have developed a toolkit and an annual award program for EVS managers to use in healthcare settings to recognize colleagues for outstanding work.


The Heart of HealthcareAward provides EVS managers, organizations and administrators with another way to recognize their staff. Jean Williams from Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster, Ohio was named the 2016 Heart of Healthcare Award Winner at the AHE EXCHANGE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Heart of Healthcare program has been embraced by EVS professionals in all types of healthcare facilities, from acute care hospitals to long-term care and surgery centers.


“ The program provided standardized educational materials for each staff member to easily reference that helped improve our productivity.”

Nurse Administrator

Surgery Center


“ The program made patients and families more aware of the role environmental services play in our hospital and the importance to the organization that the team plays.”

Director of Development

Hospital Association


“ The tent cards lend professionalism to the EVS approach with patients, in addition to helping drive accountability for each room’s cleanliness.”

Assistant Director of Environmental Services

400 Bed Hospital


“ Great program! The professional image the materials portray and the personal touch of having the hospital logo on the posters is fantastic.”

Director of Resident Services

Retirement Home System



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