Engage Staff

To achieve exceptional patient outcomes, every healthcare facility needs its entire team to work together to reduce the incidence of infections.

The Clean Hands Care Program is designed to empower you with vital hand hygiene solutions and interactive educational resources that engage patients, staff and visitors to help create a safer healthcare environment.

Reinforce to staff the role that hands play in the transmission of microorganisms, and show them how to properly washand sanitize their hands, in an engaging way.


Clinical Education Tools and Resources

Guidelines for Hand Hygiene – personal reference guideprovides clear procedures to ensure truly clean hands.

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How to Hand Wash and Sanitize Posters – these provide clear step-by-step instructions to support a quality hand wash and proper use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

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Empower Patients

At Kimberly-Clark Professional*, we understand the importance of engaging patients to improve not only their safety, but also their satisfaction.

The Clean Hands Care Program provides a turnkey solution to help educate and empower patients, family and visitors regarding the importance of hand hygiene.


Patient Education Tools and Resources

Patient Checklist for Infection Prevention – a comprehensive, informative brochure to help reduce the risk of infection while receiving care.

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Clean Hands Care Mirror Clings – each features educational hand hygiene facts for use in patient rooms, bathrooms and hallways.

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