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Scott® Control Solutions deliver unmatched hygiene for critical environments where contamination control is a high priority. Engineered to be efficient and compact, these systems can provide superior protection against contamination.

Scott® Control Hard Roll Towels & Dispensers

Hygiene for Any Location

Engineered to fit anywhere, this system is both efficient and compact. It dispenses a 580’ towel and offers easy setup and loading. Other benefits include a hygienic hidden-sheet feature, a unique Sheetsaver mode that delivers 14% more hand dries per case, and a compact footprint.


Scott® Control Slimfold Towels & Dispensers

Small Footprint, Big Difference.

Elevate the hygiene and image of your facility with this revolutionary system. It’s versatile and efficient, with the most capacity per square inch. An overstuff feature eliminates waste and improves hygienic dispensing, while a compact one-ply towel increases your savings versus the leading competitive technology.


Scott® Control Toilet Paper & Dispensers

One-at-a-Time Dispensing Eliminates Waste

This fully enclosed folded bathroom tissue system reduces the spread of germs through hygienic dispensing—only touch the tissue that you take. This Hygienic Bathroom Tissue features two-ply comfort, is more cost-effective than standard roll bathroom tissue and it’s ideal for hygiene-critical environments such as healthcare and educational facilities.


Scott® Control Skin Care & Dispensers

Designed for Hygiene-Critical Environments

An easy-to-load, enclosed skin care system that enhances hygiene in areas that need it most. A high-capacity Antimicrobial Foam Skin Cleanser improves skin hydration by 30% and Super Moisturizing Foam Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs on hands in less than 15 seconds. Both formulations are Triclosan-free and gentle for everyday use.

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