Social Impact

Kimberly-Clark and Marriott share a joint committment to acting with care for people and the planet - making the communities where we operate better places to live, work and visit. Our shared vision for a more sustainable, socially responsible planet is uniquely aligned through our ambitions and future goals.

Marriott’s 2025 Goals

Contribute 15M hours of volunteer service to support community engagement strategy and 50% of our volunteer hours will serve children and youth, including those at-risk and disadvantaged.


80% of managed hotels and 50% of franchised hotels will have participated in community service activities.

Kimberly-Clark’s 2030 Ambition

Advance the well-being of 1 billion people through innovation and programs that deliver essentials to vulnerable and underserved communities, helping children thrive, empowering women and girls, and improving access to sanitation.

Since 2015, Kimberly-Clark has achieved:

Helping 21.9 million children to thrive

Empowering 11.5 million women and girls

Improving 4.0 million people’s access to sanitation

A Global Partnership in Better Care for a Better World

Marriott and Kimberly-Clark share a common goal of improving our global community. For Kimberly-Clark, tackling our sustainability risks and opportunities means evolving our products, solutions, and ways of working. We strive for social impact that helps address inequities in access to education, hygiene, and sanitation, while working to reduce our impact on the planet.

Together, Kimberly-Clark and Marriott can create a lasting impact on sustainability and social change.

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