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Better absorbency*6

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1 University of Westminster, “Changes in the number of different types of bacteria on the hands before and after drying using paper towel, continuous cloth roller towel, warm air dryer and jet air dryer” (2010)
2 Compared with conventional hand towels technology in market
3 KCP Global study done on branded towels in 2018: Brand Differentiation: Scott® Pattern Acceptability Study Report
4 Comparing KCP folded towels with KCP Hard rolled towels
5 Comparing with previous Aquarius HRT (69590) and Slimroll (69530) Dispenser
6 Compared with conventional hand towels technology in market
* Comparing ordinary towel made with LDC technology and Airflex towels made with UCTAD technology. Test shown conducted in Australia. Ordinary towels in your countries may differ. 
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