Last Updated JULY 2023

The Importance of Good Workplace Hygiene

A clean workplace is good for business. Making sure that your business setting exhibits an elevated level of hygiene can lead to a happy environment for employees and increase overall productivity.

With renewed focus on hygiene, organizations must do more to ensure a cleaner, safer workplace. This is especially essential in high-traffic and high-touch point environments.

The average adult touches 7,200 surfaces1 and their face 552 times2 in the span of 24 hours, which can drastically increase the risk of cross-contamination. Reduce this risk by cleaning surfaces frequently with disposable wipes, which are preferable than reusing cotton rags in open buckets.

Every workplace has varying requirements for cleaning solutions. To streamline cleaning tasks, look for wipes designed to be compatible with commonly used disinfectants3.

Help staff be more productive with a dispensing system of ready-to-use wipes that can be easily transported between locations.

Overcome the complexity of cleaning with a closed bucket dispensing system of dry wipers that can be pre-moistened with your preferred solvents3 while protecting your employees from chemical exposure4.



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2 A frequent habit that has implications for hand hygiene Kwok, Yen Lee Angela et al. 2015. American Journal of Infection Control, Volume 43, Issue 3, 112-114
3 Refer to KCP chemical compatibility chart. User has responsibility to test the products with their preferred solvent
4 Compared to rags in open bucket


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