Our Wiping Solutions

Limited Use Towels

Need a lightweight towel that absorbs liquids lightning fast? WypAll® offers a variety of general-purpose towels tough enough to soak up grease, but gentle enough to dry your hands or face.

Extended Use Cloths

Whether you’re cleaning up grease or soaking up spills, extended use cloths offer everything you like about laundered rags – absorbent, effective wet or dry and reusable – without the added expense of laundering.

Foodservice Towels

Did you know that cloth rags could expose common touch points to bacteria living on the rag? Our high-quality disposables are designed to help prevent cross contamination front of house and back of house.

Industrial Grade Wipes & Cleaning Cloths

Like you, we understand the importance of wiping to keep your machinery and work area free of grease, oil and grime. Our wiping solutions are a cost-effective, waste reducing alternative to rags and rental shop towels.

Specialty wipes

Seventy years ago, Kimberly-Clark Professional created the first delicate-task wipe for lab environments, and it’s still a top seller today. We have a variety of solutions ideal for labs and cleanrooms.

Wipe Dispensers

Keeping your wipes within reach is not only more efficient, it also allows you to take care of hazardous messes quicker. We offer a variety of dispensers compatible with WypAll® and Kimtech® disposable wipes.