By choosing your consumable and dispenser together as a controlled system you gain complete control to deliver exceptional efficiency, sustainability and cost savings in your washroom.

Look beyond just the cost per case of your washroom essentials.
Our controlled washroom systems provide sustained savings in spend, servicing, and waste over time – providing exceptional efficiency in your washroom operations.

Controlled dispensing for less waste in the washroom

Single sheet dispensing for controlled usage – dispensing just what’s needed

High capacity, reliable and easy to use systems for less servicing time

Controlled dispensing systems deliver just the right amount of hand towel, soap or toilet tissue – removing waste in your washrooms

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Controlled dispensing is the smart choice for best cost-in-use

No more streaming tissue, waste on the floor, or unnecessary servicing. Elevate efficiency without forgoing hygiene. Discover how all your washroom needs can be met with controlled dispensing systems.

Our Controlled Dispensing Solutions

Discover our complete range of controlled dispensing systems to meet all your washroom needs

Take control of efficiency, sustainability and hygiene in your washroom

Your choice of washroom systems can impact overall efficiency and experience in your washrooms. The right dispenser and consumable in combination can provide long term improvements in your facility.

Demand efficiency and reliability from your dispensing system. ICON delivers our best servicing experience yet with visual lighting cues and 99.9% jam-free performance2.

Hand Towels with Airflex Technology offer superior absorbency and strength. Kleenex® rolled hand towels designed for the ICON dispenser use up to 33% less paper fibre per hand dry than leading competitor’s standard folded hand towels3.

Scott® and Kleenex® branded consumables provide quality and trust in the washroom for an elevated experience.

Reduce CO2 emissions by choosing controlled dispensing which lowers paper consumption and increases utility - reducing the amount of energy, water and raw materials in production.

Controlled dispensing solutions for hand towel and toilet tissue reduce paper usage and waste. FSC® and EU Ecolabel certification and recycled fibre used in many of our products further support responsible use of resources.

By choosing a controlled dispensing system you reduce product use and in turn require less storage, transportation, and less frequent ordering. And the compression technology used in Scott® and Kleenex® Rolled Hand Towels results in a reduction in storage and transportation.

Empower your washroom operations with controlled dispensing

Request your free cost & sustainability audit below and we will be in touch to discuss your facilities, your priorities, and discover how we can help you can make savings and improve sustainability in your washrooms.

What is a cost & sustainability audit?

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ is now offering a free Cost & Sustainability Audit for organisations who purchase products or services for use in the washroom. Performing the audit can help your organisation unlock opportunities to reduce your environmental footprint, reduce costs, increase efficiency and eliminate waste within your washroom helping you to meet your goals.

A cost & sustainability audit is a methodical examination of the products and services you currently use in the washroom, assessing them for their cost, waste and sustainability credentials against products or services available to you through Kimberly-Clark Professional™.

Our audit is centred around identifying what products and services you currently use in the washroom and identifying how moving to alternative solutions could reduce or eliminate waste, for example, by moving to controlled dispensing systems.

Our audit currently looks at hand towel, bath tissue and skincare usage, as well as waste disposal practices, related to your washroom.

Audits are conducted by experienced members of the Kimberly-Clark Professional™ team. They can be conducted on-site or virtually, and typically take up to an hour for data to be collected.

The member of our team will ask you questions about the products and services you use in the washroom including the volumes currently used and as any arrangements you have for waste collection or recycling.

Following the initial consultation our account managers will perform detailed analysis to identify where any potential savings could be made, including any opportunities to introduce waste circularity through our RightCycle™ scheme.

Following analysis, the results of your audit will be presented to you in detail for your consideration. Your report will include details of the comparisons carried out, breaking down the potential cost, efficiency and sustainability gains to be had from switching your current bundle of products to an alternative set.

The result of your audit is summarised into two infographic style reports: a Sustainability Report and Cost In Use Report.

The Sustainability Report will provide a breakdown of the reductions to be had in water, paper, plastic, trees, soap and CO2 generated during the production process.

The Cost In Use Report will provide an assessment of your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), breaking out cost comparisons for both the products used and labour costs associated with refilling.

These reports will be presented to you in a PDF format, including more detailed information on the alternative solutions recommended as part of your audit.

You can request a cost & sustainability audit by completing the form below. A member of our team will get in touch to discuss the details and arrange a convenient time and place (on-site or virtual) for your initial consultation to take place.

Our audits are completely free of charge and without obligation. You do not need to be an existing Kimberly-Clark Professional™ customer to benefit from this free service.

Take control: Request your free washroom cost & sustainability audit today to see how much you could save



1 Scott® Essential Rolled Hand Towel for ICON (6638).
2 Dispensing test conducted by Patmore Slade Horizons in September 2021.
3 Results of Hall Test conducted by Sapio agency July 2021.

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