Last Updated MAY 2022

WypAll® Wipes Reduce Contamination

Nothing compares to WypAll® wipes when it comes to tough cleaning jobs. The following video shows how WypAll wipes out-clean and out-perform rags and shop towels when it comes to reducing contamination.


For tough scrubbing and cleaning jobs, you need a product that's up to the task. Some options are safer and perform better than others. We've learned from research that 100% of shop towels contain lead and other heavy metals. Just because they've been laundered doesn't mean they're clean. First, we filled three large glass jars with equal amounts of water.

Next, we'll place four brand new shop towels in the first jar. Four shop towels that have been repeatedly laundered in the second jar. And lastly, four WypAll X80 wipers in the third jar. We're gonna allow the jars to sit for six days. After six days of soak time, let's see how clean or contaminated the water is in the jars. The first jar which contained our brand new shop towels no longer has clear water, in fact, it's now red due to the dye in the towels.

The second jar contains a significant amount of contaminants in the water, including lint, likely toxins, and heavy metals. Remember, these are freshly cleaned shop towels. Lastly, the water the WypAll X80 wipers has been soaking in is still clear and visibly free of contaminants. Besides the safety risk to your workers, think how it can affect your processes. Substances on a shop towel that aren't removed during the laundering process may be dissolved into your solvent and transferred to the surface.

Whether the surface is one that's being cleaned or is receiving a solid application, foreign substances can create quality defects, potentially costing you time and money. Here's the good news: 98% of defects are avoidable. WypAll X80 provides a clean and consistent wipe, and leaves three times less lint than shop towels, which may help reduce contamination in your process. Pound for pound, X80 absorbs water 30% more, and significantly faster than shop towels. Choose WypAll wipers, a safe and clean alternative to shop towels.